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What began in 2019 as a hobby, eventually blossomed into a business. Nick and Dylan started growing plants in aquaponic systems in college where they focused on the symbiotic relationship between plants and fish. Soon thereafter, Growtide, their fish fertilizer company, took shape, informing them of the benefits fish waste could have on cultivation. It was then, they decided to combine their love of aquaculture with cannabis cultivation – creating Leaf Labs, and its first harvest in 2020.

Located in the historic mill building in Sanford, Maine, Leaf Labs’ operations are directly linked to its values and mission as a clean and curious cannabis cultivation center. Cannabis plants have one biological purpose: to survive. So, Leaf Labs values the cannabis plant’s purpose, and all that has to offer, by continuously providing it an optimal environment.

LED lighting, rooted leaf nutrients, and microbial rich soil are integral to cultivation at Leaf Labs because they’re scientifically proven to enrich the plants, helping them reach their full potential. Our cannabis plants get what they need, so Leaf Labs gets what it wants: consistent, high-quality, benefit-based products.

For four years, we’ve cultivated medicinally, and we look forward to its continued growth. But much like our cannabis plants, we’ve cloned into adult use. Here we will not only continue sharing our products within the medicinal cannabis industry, but we’ll expand our curiosities around recreational cannabis, too!

Stay tuned for adult use offerings, coming soon.


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