Let's make some pre-rolls!

Want to level up your pre-roll game?

We’ve got you covered.

With PR200 you can expect faster turn around times, increased consistency, and higher quality. Watch & read about the process below.

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1. Product Intake

  • Provide us with as little as 1 lb of unground material (per strain).
  • The material is checked for moisture content and trichome density to
    ensure that our machine will get you the best quality pre-roll in return.


  • Material goes through our grinding process and is sifted to average particle
    sizes of 1.25mm – 2mm.


  • Stems and waste material will be separated and weighed so
    you know how much of your material will go to pre-rolls.
  • A trained technician will run a sample test of the material to dial in the machine’s parameters, making sure that your pre-rolls are a consistent weight, pack, and fold.
  • This process will not impact the return for you; all defective and test-run
    pre-rolls will be rerun to get you the most from your material.


  • Minimum batch – 400 1g pre-rolls per strain.
  • Natural brown paper; 98mm length; 26mm tip.
  • Choose between a twisted or folded tip.
  • You only pay for the pre-rolls you get back; pricing is not based on the amount of product we receive.

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